Minnesota Statute 609.221 Defines ASSAULT IN THE FIRST DEGREE.

Assault in the first degree is assault that inflicts great bodily harm or use of deadly force against peace officer, prosecuting attorney, judge, or correctional employee. Great bodily harm is defined in Minnesota as injury which causes “substantial risk of death” or causes disfigurement or loss of use of any organ.

The potential penalty for first degree assault is 20 years imprisonment and/or a $30,000 fine.

“It is important to take these types of charges seriously, because they can affect both your home and your working life. If you plead guilty, you may later regret it. Contact me today to discuss your options, and possible defenses. I understand that people can get in arguments, overreact, and make mistakes that they later regret. I also understand that people are wrongfully accused, and may have the defense of self defense. Give yourself a chance to fight these charges and not have them follow you around for years, or for the rest of your life.”

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