Elliott has defended me with two criminal defense cases. One was disorderly conduct and the other was domestic assault. Elliott is very analytical and doesn't miss details. He does his due diligence. He's ethical, organized and I believe he charged me a fair price for his services.

Elliott was helpful in explaining what was needed from me at each junction in the process. He helped encourage me and help me feel comfortable with possible outcomes. Elliott was well organized and worked hard to help me get a not guilty verdict.

Elliott is very attention to detail, responsible timely lawyer and I personally recommend him to anyone who needs help.

Was being charged with Careless Driving and Driving After Revocation. When I met with Elliott, he said he thought we could potentially get a stay of adjudication on the Careless Driving and dismissal on the DAR. Throughout the process, there were times when it did not seem hopeful because the Prosecutor was not willing to let both of those charges go. But with Elliott's help and recommendation, we took it to trial. I was concerned but really glad I listened to him because the DAR got dismissed and I got the stay of adjudication on the Careless Driving, after a year of a clean driving record I'm happy to say I will not be convicted as long as I meet my requirements! With formerly having a DWI on my record, I was not sure if we would be able to achieve this (since that looks terrible in the first place). I am so thankful for Elliott's guidance and determination to help me get what I wanted. He also made sure I was comfortable and satisfied with my decisions. If you're thinking about hiring Elliott, I would highly recommend just doing it. He's respectful, willing it to listen, and cares about your satisfaction. Thanks again Elliott!

I’m very happy with how my case turned out. I was provided a lot of information about my case, and my attorney kept me updated. I like how my attorney pushed really hard to make sure I got a good deal. He was fair on price. My attorney stood up for me up to the date of trial, and my case was dismissed on the day of trial.
D. S.

I was happy with the results that Elliott helped me achieved. He has always been responsible and helpful when anytime you need him. He is very professional and thinks on your behalf. I’m satisfied with his services and kind help.
C. X.

I could not have been more satisfied in my decision to hire Mr. Nickell to represent me. He was at all times courteous, attentive to me and my case and professional. He also made sure and spent as much time as needed to ensure I understood every “fork in the road” as my case progressed. I am 47 years old and have a good horse sense for people and in my best estimation Elliott Nickell is a very good lawyer and a better man.
S. H.

Dear Elliott: Thank you for your recent help with my legal problem. As you know my charge went from a gross misdemeanor to a misdemeanor to a dismissal. If anyone ever needed legal assistance it was me. If any of my friends or associates needed help I would highly recommend they contact you as soon as possible. Again, thank you for your help.
F. T.

Elliott was very thorough. At times when I was starting to feel discouraged about my case Elliott was very supportive and helped me along with the process. Elliott definitely got the results that I was looking.
B. N.

Elliott reviewed my case and saw no merit. Thought we could have to thrown out. It was dismissed.

I'm very happy and great full to have Elliot work my case. He was always on time and did all the talking which I appreciated very much, he was very professional and didn't run into any issues. I'm very glad that I was introduced to him and hired him, as an attorney I would for sure do it again for any matter.... 🙂

I got pulled over last year on suspicion of drinking and driving. I decided to fight the case because I felt that they had did a lot of things wrong and took urine illegally to get the case in the first place. So I met Mr. Nickell and he convinced me we had a case, and to make a long story my DWI was dropped to something lower. He wasn't willing to give up until I was satisfied. He is great!

Defender of the innocent. He puts the law on your side. He doesn’t leave you in dark. Give him a call no case too big or too small. Elliott will defend us all. Thank you for your services


  • 2nd Degree Felony Assault--Charge dismissed on day of trial after negotiations with prosecutor.
  • 4th Degree DWI--Stay of Adjudication (Charge will be dismissed after one year unsupervised probation, client not convicted).
  • 4th Degree DWI in New Hope—Continuance for Dismissal for one year (no conviction, no admission of guilt, charge will be dismissed in one year).
  • 5th Degree Assault Charge in Minneapolis--Continuance for Dismissal (Charge will be dismissed after one year).
  • Gross Misdemeanor False Information, Gross Misdemeanor Refusal, Driving while suspended--all charges dismissed, client pled guilty to amended charge of 4th Degree DWI.
  • Gross Misdemeanor Driving after Cancellation in Rogers--Dismissal after negotiations with prosecutor.
  • 4th Degree DWI in Bloomington--Charge amended to Careless Driving after negotiations with prosecutor.
  • Disorderly House in Minneapolis-Charge dismissed after negotiations with prosecutor.
  • 3rd in a lifetime DWI in Fridley--no jail time for defendant, unsupervised probation.
  • 5th Degree Assault in Dakota County—Stay of adjudication for 1 year, no jail time, charge will be dismissed if no new charges for 1 year.
  • 2nd Degree DWI in Hennepin County—time served and electronic home monitoring.



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